You are not alone.

We’re a nonprofit solely dedicated to providing authentic, life-changing hope to those battling chronic illnesses of all kinds, as well as their families and friends. We specialize in sharing the courageous stories of men and women who are daily choosing hope, and are willing to be fully vulnerable, raw, and transparent in order that others can feel understood, and experience the freedom of realizing that they're not alone. We aim to create a culture of contagious hope that reflects the loving compassion of God, encouraging people just like you to define their darkest day as their finest hour.

Chronic illness is incredibly hard to live and fight with daily, and that's where we come in. We "get it." And we're here to remind you that you matter, that your choice to hold onto hope is dignified, and that you're in great company here.

More than 1 in 5 people daily battle chronic illness worldwide, with thousands more chronically undiagnosed.



“The pain I was experiencing wasn’t just in my head.”

There is value in giving hope to the hurting. Partner with us, and let’s reach the global chronically ill community together!

Since the beginning of People Hope, we've witnessed incredible growth to our community affectionately called the People Hope Tribe. By using the hashtag #peoplehopetribe on Instagram, you can join our Tribe and find a growing, loving, and supportive community of chronically ill people as well as healthy folks who are passionate about our mission!