Where is she now?

While she has learned a new rhythm of life without that "hustle" mentality, Bethany continues to navigate the same waters as so many of us - confusing symptoms, treatments, therapies, seemingly endless appointments with doctors, questions, relief, relapse, alleviation, flare. Many of the symptoms that were promised and hoped to be "cured" with a brain surgery, have not been remedied as she and her husband deeply hoped. While she experienced the miracle of removing her brain tumor that likely could have left her without vision or worse, she still battles a number of challenges, all while re-learning how to manage her business, marriage, and relationships through this new lens of illness. 

No one is more full of gratitude than this girl, and that choice is not an easy one when your recent "$15,000 haircut" (Bethany's nickname for her brain surgery) hasn't left you with the "sunshine and rainbows" results that you were promised. Gratitude gets real when you're left with little and you're choosing to see it as much.

Let's not only admire this beautiful, bold member of our Tribe, but let's take it a step further and learn from her. Let's join with her in letting go of the "hustle" mentality, and replace it with simply doing what we can and being proud of who we are. Let's stand with her and learn to let others help us, even when our independence screams otherwise. Let's take her by the hand and together find a way to scrounge up a whole lot of gratitude for the things in our lives that really matter.

Seasons come, seasons go. There’s growth; also withering. The withering isn’t the end, my dear. It’s making room for something more beautiful and strong and fitting for the new change of weather. Let yourself be pruned and changed, for it’s not the end. It’s the beginning.
— Bethany Schrock

We're proud and honored to have the opportunity to share this short film created by our friends at Moving Edge Media. Consider this our shoutout to a company that values the chronically ill community and understands the importance of sharing stories. If you haven't already seen their work or cried while watching one of their wildly compelling films, just click on their logo and check them out. 

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