Ask Us Anything: Relationships with Chronic Illness - Part I

Ask Us Anything: Relationships with Chronic Illness — Part I

Dating, marriage, and relationships with chronic illness...let's talk about it! Hear from our Founder, Anna, and her husband, Randy, as they open up about what they've learned through their relationship. Hear from both perspectives — healthy and chronically ill — about your most frequently asked questions! They're sharing their wins and losses, ups and downs, and what has worked (or not) in their relationship, all while answering questions YOU submitted! 

And don’t forget to tune in to Part II on Tuesday, February 26th for more laughs and to hear more of your questions answered! Nothing's off limits…and yes, they're "going there."

About our Fave Couple: Anna & Randy Kowlessar

What can we say about these two?! Anna is our fearless leader, the Founder of People Hope, and your ever-relatable, chronically ill pal. Randy, a marketing, branding, and design expert, is the entrepreneurial wiz behind his company, Hello Randy. Is “power couple” too strong a phrase? What you really need to know about these two is that they really are best buddies. Their strong, foundational friendship is evident from the first moment you meet them, and their bond is one-of-a-kind. A core value in their marriage is to “leave people better than you find them,” and it certainly shows in the way they cheer for and champion others.

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Disclaimer: The content in this video is reflective of Anna and Randy’s personal opinions and experiences, and should not be taken as professional counsel. While they’re sharing what has worked in their specific relationship, every relationship is different. We highly recommend seeking out professional counseling from trained and qualified therapists if you’re in need of personal counsel and/or relationship guidance.