Come Together

"Come Together" is a poem about the People Hope Tribe - our global community made up of both chronically ill and healthy people who are passionate about spreading hope.  Tribe, you share your lives so generously, boldly breaking down isolation.  You share your challenges with dignity, and your victories with grace.  It is with admiration, respect, and validation that we celebrate the ways in which you daily come together.



"Come Together"

Us: the concept of people who share ourselves.

We hope to feel heard;

taken seriously.

The voices that encourage their voices.

Often engaged,

looking to give purpose,

empowerment, community, passion.

Change: a result.

People, local and international,

to curate change,

to choose,

to express,

and find support; hope.

Welcoming creativity.

Your community.


Be heard.

Come together. 

"It’s better to have a partner than go it alone. Share the work, share the wealth. And if one falls down, the other helps, but if there’s no one to help, tough! ...By yourself you’re unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst."
[Ecclesiastes 4:9-10,12 MSG]

We would love to invite you to be a part of our amazing Tribe! If you’re daily choosing hope no matter what life throws at you, you’re already in! You belong here, and we are thrilled to welcome you. Go ahead and start using #PeopleHopeTribe on your social media posts, click the hashtag to scroll through and “get to know” other amazing men and women from our global community, and know that you are never alone!

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