Each story below represents the joy, heartbreak, and courage that echoes in the hearts of so many.  Sharing stories through vulnerability and honest transparency changes lives by creating a space where others can experience the freedom of breathing a simple "me too."  This is where we trade in our isolation, and exchange it instead for being known and understood.  Our heart is that you would experience deep freedom and reignited hope by sharing in these stories with us!

 “When your dream is on hold, can you learn to let it take a new shape?”

“Everything’s fine besides the brain tumor that you have.”

“ The feeling I really felt the most was self-hatred.”

"I threw everything I had into this battle, desperate to give my girl a healthy future - wishing I could take on her illness myself."

"You see the core of who somebody is in their toughest moments."

"I’m mom and dad and nurse and husband. I’m entertainer and caretaker. I’m homemaker and romancer."

"I expected to get better, and I didn't."

"A relapse wasn’t supposed to be possible."

"They took one look at me and said, 
’I need you to get an X-ray right now.’"

"I know what it's like to be told that my sickness is somehow my fault."