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Each month’s focus theme builds on the next, so make sure you catch up on all the previous months before jumping in!


A letter from the Focus Fix author and People Hope Founder, Anna Kowlessar:

I get it. If you're battling chronic illness like I am, the thought of dreaming for the future or reaching for something more is daunting, right? After all, we’ve got our hands full with the busyness of managing our health, juggling appointments and treatments, and honestly, isn't it easier to just avoid trying at all than to let yourself down?

Yes. It’s so much easier. But, at least for me, I’m not satisfied with my default being “whatever’s easiest.” I may have symptoms and pain and challenges that my healthy friends don’t deal with, but I’m not satisfied with a “good enough” life, or an apathetic existence! Win, lose, succeed, or fail, I’m determined to grow this year — to step up and become the more bold, confident, intentional, whole person that I’m designed and called to be. And I want to do that with YOU.

This isn’t about resolutions. And this isn't about lofty goals; this is about practical growth.

No, you’re not too late to join. And regardless of whether you’re jumping in and joining at the beginning of the year, the very end, or somewhere in the middle, I’m challenging you — reach for something better right now no matter what this year has looked like for you so far. Sign up for this thing, and commit to yourself now that you’re going to stick with it for the rest of the year. I know you won’t regret it. Don't talk yourself out of trying to create some positive momentum in your life.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into 12 months of content for us all to walk through together. I’ve spent hours spilling my heart into words, gotten incredibly honest about some of my biggest struggles with chronic illness, and quite possibly over-shared. But it’s all worth it because I’m a firm believer that just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you can’t keep growing as a person and developing more purpose. This is the tool to get there, friend…if you do the work. And there are no excuses — it’s free and 100% tailored to you. So if you’re up for the challenge…sign up and let’s make 2019 the year that we did something incredible together!


Focus Fix 101

What is the focus fix?

Great question! The Focus Fix is People Hope’s 100% free monthly program, complete with emails, downloads, a printable calendar, and other surprises (!), created specifically to help those who battle all kinds of chronic illnesses find greater purpose, work through challenges, strengthen character, develop richer community, and ultimately…to fix our focus on the stuff that really matters!

How does this thing work?

The first step is all you! Commit to yourself that you’re going to jump in and stick with this thing all year long. This practice will only change your life if you really dig in and do the work! (We promise it’s worth it!)

From there, sign up and you’ll instantly receive a welcome email from the Focus Fix author (and fellow chronically ill pal), Anna Kowlessar, with your free 2019 printable calendar! Don’t see your welcome email right away? Check your spam/junk-mail and be sure to put People Hope on your list of approved senders!

At the beginning of every month we’ll send you an email to announce that month’s focus theme, a challenging and personal note from Anna about each focus, and a worksheet with the tools to grow in that area! And you’re not alone — there’ll be challenges and encouraging content centered around each month’s theme on social media, so you can join in with our whole Tribe all year long as we grow together. We’ll pop into your inbox from time to time with some bonus encouragement and maybe even (*cough, cough*) some additional surprises throughout the year!

What’s included in this free monthly program I’m joining?

  • A SUPER-encouraging personal note via email from author, Anna Kowlessar, to welcome you into the fun of it all!

  • An Exclusive, Beautiful 2019 Printable Monthly Calendar with checkboxes to go along with each month’s practice!

  • 12 Monthly Emails with that month’s focus theme, and a challenging thought from your pal, Anna!

  • 12 Worksheets filled with powerful tools to download and ask yourself the “Tough Questions” as we work through each month’s theme!

  • 12 Quote Cards for you to post on your social media to help encourage your friends!

  • 1 End-of-Year wrap up worksheet to help you close out 2019 with as much intention as you started!

If i don’t have a chronic illness, can I still sign up?

Heck yes! In fact, we encourage you to sign up! This resource is full of tools, resources, encouragement and challenges to help you grow through whatever challenges you may face this year. And as a bonus, it’ll also help you grow in empathy and understanding of some of the challenges that individuals with chronic illnesses face.