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This is your year. It’s your year I said. What a year it will be! Be your best you. Inspiration very short quote from Anna.

- Anna Kowlessar, People Hope Founder


 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Focus Fix? . . .

Great question! The Focus Fix is People Hope’s 100% free monthly program, complete with emails, tools, downloads, and other surprises (!), created specifically to help those who battle all kinds of chronic illnesses find greater purpose, work through challenges, strengthen character, develop richer community, and ultimately…to fix our focus on the stuff that really matters!

What do I do if I signed up but never received the emails? . . .

Oh no! The good news is that your emails are just hiding! So dust off your detective hat and try these steps: Check your spam/junkmail folder Check your “trash” folder If your email provider has a search bar, check “all mail” for keywords like "Focus Fix” or “People Hope”

Pro-tip: Be sure to whitelist People Hope and add us to your approved senders list so your future emails won’t suffer the same fate!

Still can’t find your missing emails? Reach out to our team! We’d love to help you find them!

What’s included in the Focus Fix? . . .

• A SUPER-encouraging personal note via email from author, Anna Kowlessar, to welcome you into the program

• Exclusive access to Anna’s “Guide to Getting Unstuck” video e-course

• Exclusive access to our Focus Fix closed Facebook Group along with the rest of our Focus Fix community (coming 2020)

• 12 Monthly Emails with that month’s focus theme, and an empowering message from your pal, Anna

• 12 Mid-Month Check-In emails to deliver a fresh boost of motivation and empowerment halfway through each month

• 12 Tough Questions Worksheets filled with powerful tools and practical strategies to download and work through each month’s theme

• 12 Quote Cards for you to post on your social media to help encourage your friends

If I don’t have a chronic illness, can I still sign up? . . .

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to sign up! This resource is full of tools, resources, encouragement and challenges to help you grow through whatever challenges you may face this year. And as a bonus, it’ll also help you grow in empathy and understanding of some of the challenges that individuals with chronic illnesses face.

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The Focus Fix helped me grow in so many ways this year.
— Walter Norman (@walternorman)

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