We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit Web-based organization dedicated to providing authentic, raw, life-changing hope to people who daily battle chronic illness, as well as their families and friends, regardless of diagnosis. 

We specialize in creating tools and resources to engage, encourage, challenge, and come alongside our community as we practically reach for growth and purpose, work through our challenges, strengthen character, establish rich community, and ultimately develop our faith. By sharing courageous stories and walking through the ups and downs of life with chronic illness together, we’re creating a culture of contagious, inspirational hope that reflects the character of Christ and the loving compassion of God. We seek to overcome isolation and facilitate connectedness through our global, dynamic, passionate community of followers and friends. Our goal is to celebrate those who are living out audacious hope, and to bring others along on this journey as we challenge one another and get serious about growth and faith against all odds.

To empower and challenge all who battle chronic illness to connect in supportive community, grow their faith, reach for their potential, and live purposeful lives.

After personally fighting an undiagnosed chronic illness for several years, Anna founded People Hope in 2014 at twenty-four years old. Through her illness, Anna became extremely disappointed in the lack of resources tailored specifically to those in her circumstances; to provide support spiritually, mentally, socially, and emotionally through unthinkable circumstances. Out of those experiences she decided to design the very thing that had been missing.

Anna now works as the CEO of People Hope, building a distinctly unique organization with passion that could only come from personal experience. She has an unmistakable love for the global chronically ill community, and if you know her at all, you know she is a proud member of the People Hope Tribe!

People Hope is overseen by a fantastic team, but if you’re looking for their technical term, they’re our board of directors! They regularly meet and oversee everything from our finances to our upcoming plans for content and everything in between. Our board allows us to operate an organization that we can be truly proud of, full of integrity, accountability, and structure.

It’s because of these generous partners that we are able to do what we do for you! We are proud to stand arm-in-arm with those who see value in reaching the global chronically ill community with authentic hope.